I am dedicated to living a life of purpose and supporting others who seek to do the same.  From the Information Age, we are entering The Age of Consciousness, where people yearn to do what they love and love what they do.  We are not widgets and yet many organizations still operate as if we are in the industrial age.

When employees get clear about their personal purpose and core values, everyone thrives!  I've spent the past decade in gaining the skills to reinvent myself and my career from a marketer at Fortune 100 companies to a leadership and people development professional.  I have picked up the experiences that make me a realist who knows to match the right tools to solve real business problems.

I firmly believe great leaders are self-aware and at their core, live servant leadership.  It's an inside-out job.  It's about your mindset.  Every employee has an impact on your company's success, or lack thereof.

My life is a blend of my passion for people thriving in the workplace, and spending time with my family.  I am an active volunteer leader with the ManKind Project, a non-profit focused on building and supporting emotionally mature and accountable men globally.  Let's talk!


These principles keep me centered on what’s most important to me and benefit my clients as I show up fully in service to people in the workplace.

1. Everything is a choice.

Things happen, within and outside our control.  True power lies in owning our choices.

2. Recognizing what fills me/you up.

We must tune in to all parts of ourselves.  What makes me/you smile?

3. There is only one me.  There is only one you.

Competition is an ego game.  We shine bright when we are sharing our unique gifts.

4. Know your fear.  Feel your power.

What we resist persists.  Don't deny your fears AND walk through them.

5. We are all meant to thrive.

When each of us focus on living meaningful lives consciously, we all thrive.

What are your guiding principles?

How closely do you live by them?

I'd love to hear about them and support your continued success.