3 Choices When Execs Happen

Bet all of us have experienced those “change of plan” moments when an executive asks for something or invites you to a meeting at the last minute, impacting your other commitments. Most of us drop everything and step up to serve our leaders. Execs Happen. The chain of power says you bow to their requests (in many cases—commands).

In the spirit of what I teach and practice, I always attempt to stop and get self critical about what’s my part (one finger pointing out = at least 3 pointing back at me). Here are some choices to consider to be in integrity with yourself:

  1. Say “no”—rarely the one most of us choose and certainly an option. I just invite you to consider the what your fears are if this is not a choice.
  2. Check Your Power—as there is almost always a power differential, getting aware of this is a starting point. Plus, are you empowered or giving away your power?
  3. Say “yes” and keep your power—by speaking your truth. Let the executive know the impact of their choices on other commitments and then give it your best.

Yes there are many more choices. I choose to share just 3 as they are all simple ways to check-in with yourself and make a conscious choice. Most of us do things in “auto-pilot” and build up resentments and disempowering behaviors. When we can stop and discern what’s right for us, and when it doesn’t feel right find a way that works (not a compromise) then we are closer to happiness and freedom.

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