7 Ways to TRY: Time to Reinvent Yourself

Thank you Disney, Zootopia and Shakira (video and lyrics) for the inspiration to reframe the lessons in this film to leadership and company culture.  Quick clarification--I am a big fan of Yoda's "Do or do not.  There is no try."  This Try is different.  It's about learning and growing.  It's actually about doing.

Let's look at a few lines from this song:

"I messed up tonight" How often do we admit to ourselves when we mess up at work (and in life)?  Self-awareness and ownership is the beginning of change. Having the courage to admit it to your leadership/peers/team is powerful stuff.

"I'll just start again" Close each day/moment/project/event with lessons learned.  No need for blame or shame.  Take each learning opportunity to grow stronger and wiser to accomplish your ultimate goals.

"Nobody learns without getting it wrong" Cultures that truly practice this principle are far more successful than those that foster CYA.  The CYA cultures result in lost productivity and are typically not focused on what's truly important to all stakeholders--customers, employees, stockholders and more.

"Try everything"  My interpretation of this is "try everything toward your very focused goal/purpose."  It's a very focused practice.  It's like Thomas Edison who  tried 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb!

"Look at how far you've come" As individuals, do we stop and look at the progress we've made toward a goal?  As managers, do we build a true relationship with our people to share concrete before and after progress?

"Take a deep breath" More and more corporations are embracing the science of mindfulness.  At the heart of it all (e.g. conflict, success, challenge) is our breath.  Can we slow down and get centered in the oneness of our breath?

"You filled your heart with love" Each night, after a day of work and life, can you honestly evaluate yourself based on love.  Did you create or participate in fear, doubt and anger or did you take what you love and create magic?  Science says the heart is truly our primary brain and operating system.

Finally, "time to reinvent yourself" also means if you are not growing you are dying.  As everything, it's a choice.  Would you rather slow down and self-reflect or keep repeating the same patterns?  Listen to the recurring feedback you get, positive and negative.  Learn.  Grow.  And remember, each night, each moment, love where you are, knowing you get to try again tomorrow.

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