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How To Create The Life & Work of Your Choice

Napoleon Hill said all creation happens in these three stages: conceive, believe, achieve.  The challenge is, the middle.  Most of us have a hard time really believing anything is possible.  That we have what it takes to follow our bliss and create the life and work of our choice.

That's the premise of my book "The 101% You: Seven Steps to Create the Life of Your Choice."  The steps emerged from a powerful peak event I accomplished.

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Pour Your Heart Into It

Lots of research shows that New Years resolutions don't last.  SMART goals, with support accountability and consistent practice do work.

I smiled reading a poster I noticed at Starbucks this morning "Pour Your Heart Into It."  I believe I just received my theme for 2016.  There's more research that says our heart is our true brain.  Do we need evidence?  Hopefully you are with me.  The evidence is in our own results.  For me, I definitely have been most successful when I pour my heart into what I'm doing.  Flow (thank you Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi) happens when challenge and skill increase together, until we reach that top right quadrant.

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Three Ways to Clear Your Cookies Before Setting 2016 Goals

A recent pleasant surprise led me think, what if we could clear our negative self-talk and patterns of belief?  Here’s what happened.  We were having challenges logging in to our Netflix account across various families devices.  I did my own trouble shooting for about two weeks, with mixed results.  When the pattern kept recurring, I decided to give Netflix a call, fully expecting to be put through several hoops and consuming a lot of time.

I got through to a pleasant Netflix representative right away (perhaps it was 2-3 minutes but felt immediate).  And had my problem resolved and was a happy camper in another 2 minutes or so.  The solution: to simply type on my browser.  It worked and was so simple.

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