Three Ways to Clear Your Cookies Before Setting 2016 Goals

A recent pleasant surprise led me think, what if we could clear our negative self-talk and patterns of belief?  Here’s what happened.  We were having challenges logging in to our Netflix account across various families devices.  I did my own trouble shooting for about two weeks, with mixed results.  When the pattern kept recurring, I decided to give Netflix a call, fully expecting to be put through several hoops and consuming a lot of time.

I got through to a pleasant Netflix representative right away (perhaps it was 2-3 minutes but felt immediate).  And had my problem resolved and was a happy camper in another 2 minutes or so.  The solution: to simply type on my browser.  It worked and was so simple.

Now imagine if we could approach our recurring patterns of complaining, dissatisfaction and overall negativity in a similar manner.  Here are three steps to quickly get over those recurring negative self-talk patterns:

#1. Awareness: Recognizing that you have a problem or negative thought is the beginning of change and remembering you have many options on how to solve it.  I was frustrated about my challenges logging into Netflix.

#2. Action: You don’t have to solve it yourself but you do need to take a step forward.  Having recognized your self-talk, now choose to catch yourself faster, rather than wallowing in it.  I searched for a solution online, and then called Netflix support.

#3. Shift: With awareness and action the first time, you’ve set a new pattern of how to approach this particular negative self-talk.  Now imagine if you can do that each time?  Simply choose to “clear your cookies” and replace them with new more affirmative beliefs.

Remember, shifting a mental pattern is as easy as recognizing it’s simply your pattern, you can change it whenever you choose and then shifting your perspective by just making it so.

If you are struggling to determine which of your negative patterns to start with first, simply look at what annoys you the most—about yourself, your surroundings, your work etc.  There in lines the beginning to your positive shift.  To give you a jump start, here are some negative patterns are: “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy,” “They are better than me,” “Why does this always happen to me?”

Question: What recurring negative pattern can you think of?  Are you willing to shift it to a positive pattern?

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