Pour Your Heart Into It

Lots of research shows that New Years resolutions don't last.  SMART goals, with support accountability and consistent practice do work.

I smiled reading a poster I noticed at Starbucks this morning "Pour Your Heart Into It."  I believe I just received my theme for 2016.  There's more research that says our heart is our true brain.  Do we need evidence?  Hopefully you are with me.  The evidence is in our own results.  For me, I definitely have been most successful when I pour my heart into what I'm doing.  Flow (thank you Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi) happens when challenge and skill increase together, until we reach that top right quadrant.

In my book, The 101% You, I lay out these seven steps that can be used to accomplish anything we desire.  Yes, often we must "rinse, lather, repeat" and eventually we get our desired outcome or better.

Step 1: Be clear about your intention, your desired outcome
Step 2: Make sure your intention is YOUR choice
Step 3: Make your commitment real and be accountable to another
Step 4: Do the work necessary with focus and tenacity
Step 5: Put all your power into what matters to you
Step 6: Integrate the lessons you've learned as you get close to your goal
Step 7: Enjoy the gift of your victories, small and big

I invite you to try this out with your most important goals for 2016.  Share how it works for you by leaving a comment here.  May this be your best year yet!

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