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7 Ways to TRY: Time to Reinvent Yourself

Thank you Disney, Zootopia and Shakira (video and lyrics) for the inspiration to reframe the lessons in this film to leadership and company culture.  Quick clarification--I am a big fan of Yoda's "Do or do not.  There is no try."  This Try is different.  It's about learning and growing.  It's actually about doing.

Let's look at a few lines from this song:

"I messed up tonight" How often do we admit to ourselves when we mess up at work (and in life)?  Self-awareness and ownership is the beginning of change. Having the courage to admit it to your leadership/peers/team is powerful stuff.

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The Power of "We'll see"

Yes.  I'm guilty of mindlessly playing games on my phone as an escape.  No.  Not at the point where I need to find a 12 step program to let go of this addiction.  My current favorite is Merged.  Do watch the video.

Here's what occurred to me and how this relates to business and people development:

The objective is to connect three similar colors and they disappear--they open space for you to progress.  In business, we set goals, we get things done and then we open space to do other things we deem important.

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