The Power of "We'll see"

Yes.  I'm guilty of mindlessly playing games on my phone as an escape.  No.  Not at the point where I need to find a 12 step program to let go of this addiction.  My current favorite is Merged.  Do watch the video.

Here's what occurred to me and how this relates to business and people development:

The objective is to connect three similar colors and they disappear--they open space for you to progress.  In business, we set goals, we get things done and then we open space to do other things we deem important.

There are times when I feel all my options are closed.  There's barely space left to earn more points, to progress in the game.  I feel defeated.  And then, voila!  Either the blast of 3 M's clears up space or something beyond my "strategy" pays off and the game continues.  I'm delighted and not sure quite how it happened.

One of our biggest barriers in business and people engagement is believing.  When all looks hopeless, a project is looking doomed--all it takes is one key move, one key person who believes--to shift things.  To turn the impossible into the possible.

Today's coaching for people managers and leaders is: consider using the power of these words "We'll see."  When a mentor used this with me the first time, it got me really upset: "What?  You don't believe I can do this?"  Luckily I was able to arrive at the flip of my perspective--maybe you will do it, maybe you won't or maybe something better will emerge from the lesson.

Go beyond the binary (can do it or can't do it) and open up to the power of "we'll see."  We'll see how it plays out also implies be courageous and try a bunch of things--the best next steps you can think of.  Learn when it doesn't work out and iterate.  Don't give up.  Inspire people by being neutral and perhaps igniting a spark in them, the self-driven power of doing our best, and watch the amazing results people can create.

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