Three Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Integrity

Most companies have integrity as one of their core values.  Enron did.  The question is how exactly do you define it as a company and even more important how do individual employees define it?

The first definition I saw at take the path of moral and ethical principles.  That's perhaps about being honest, but then say honest.  The second definition is more generative for a co-creative culture:

"The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished."

Here's how I interpret this definition of integrity:

  • It's an inner job: Each individual has their own inner compass of what's right or wrong for them and for the world they live in.  We know when we feel "less than" which = not being whole.
  • It's about self-responsibility: All HR guidelines, policies and legal statements are breakable.  When people approach life from a mature adult place, they take responsibility for their part.
  • It's about consciousness: What's that higher purpose and meaning that drives what you do at work and in life?  Most of us operate at a higher level when we can evoke our higher self.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT, if you choose to accept: think about the most recent event when you faced a breach of integrity in the workplace.  How did you approach it?  How can you apply these three ways of living integrity?  Share your answer here.  Sign-up to receive my infrequent newsletter.