A BIG thank you to all those who've recommended me!

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“Bobby Bakshi walks the talk: clarity of purpose, connection to core values, and strong intention which delivers results. Bobby is amazing to work with; focused and energetic. He is adept at gaining trust, pinpointing issues, and enabling discussion that moves us forward.  Bobby’s work with my company helped us understand how to better leverage each other’s strengths and how to shape the culture we want, and how to get ROI by setting set tangible action plans and personal commitments. We will work with him again.”

Sheryl Tullis, Partner - Launch Consulting Group

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"Bobby brings a unique combination of enthusiasm, creativity and execution to his work.  He thrives on having an impact.  He is fully in service to his craft and the organization.  And, he does so staying aligned to the vision and mission he holds for himself and the company."

Dave White, VP Human Resources - Spaceflight Industries

"Bobby is a born leader with a unique ability to accurately assess the pulse of an organization's heart, its culture.  But his true talents are in diagnosis and treatment of the obstacles that keep all of us from performing at our best.  He is a great story teller and draws on his own experiences to connect with his audience and nudge them to take essential steps to focus on being their best.  Bobby is an exceptional OD leader."

John Schlichting, Regional Vice-President - Welltok, Inc.

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"Bobby is a true cross-functional engagement guru and HR professional.  He then brings his own intuition, research and deep knowledge about employee value propositions and engagement to help develop and drive a culture to match the organization's need.  This is where many organizations stop.  Bobby takes this further by partnering across HR functions to build integrating mechanisms to ensure the culture has been operationalized, lived and breathed by all.  Best of all, Bobby has a charismatic, authentic and positive personality that is absolutely infectious."

Ayesha Pacholke - EVP Human Resources - Wave Communications

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"I have the distinct pleasure to know, work with and highly recommend Bobby Bakshi.  Bobby is an invaluable asset to the health and wellness of not only growing organizations but challenged ones as well.  Bobby is able to gracefully neutralize even the most awkward, challenging and uncomfortable of situations, and is somehow able to instead illicit positive and productive exchanges, on behalf of the health and wellness of the organization and situation.  In my experience, Bobby is that hidden ingredient that makes the finished product not only unique, but literally 'one of a kind.'"

Courtney Troy, Director Sales Development - Edifecs

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"Bobby has an innate ability to connect with people across all levels of an organization.  He brings sincerity, enthusiasm and passion to every project, training, meeting or one-on-one that not only inspires but results in positive, lasting changes.  While Bobby is certainly an expert in the domains he works in, he still keeps an open mind, listens, learns and evolves.  It was great working with Bobby as he helped me grow personally, professionally and helped move his entire department and team forward by leaps and bounds."

Drew Sousa, Sr. Director IT Architecture - Edifecs

"Bobby is the change agent you need to energize your culture. He is well spoken, thoughtful and engaging. He understands how to design, develop, influence and lead complex topics and programs He can work within budget constraints and still deliver high quality results. I highly recommend Bobby's passion and approach - it works."

Ruby Raley, VP Sales Healthcare & Life Sciences - Axway

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