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Love Your Work

Discover Greater Passion and Empowerment at Work

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According to Galluponly 15% of employees are engaged globally, costing businesses about $7 trillion in lost productivity.

Do you feel FULLY engaged at work?

Imagine aligning your passions & purpose with your company.

The purpose@work quest walks participants through a step-by-step experience of self-discovery to bring your whole self to work.

You will gain confidence to be your best self, have greater energy and own your unique gifts you bring to your workplace.

You are Unique

Many workplaces are still living in an industrial age paradigm and treat people as an "asset or liability."  You are not "human capital."  You are a human being, not a human doing.

The purpose@work quest will help you shine bright, co-create work you love doing and own your outcomes.


What's possible

At the end of your quest, here's what you can get, assuming you dive-in fully and invest in yourself:

  • Gain clarity about your unique gifts and talents
  • Craft your purpose statement
  • Discover how your purpose and values influence your career decisions
  • Empower yourself to co-create the career you want with your manager
  • Help people managers use purpose to increase productivity of their people

Each of us are at choice in all areas of our lives.

You get to choose if you thrive or survive at work.  Be bold and forge your path.

Be empowered to shape your destiny and don't postpone your greater joy!

Bobby Bakshi,  Chief Culture Officer

Jonathan Rousseau

True ROI (Return on Inspiration)

Jonathan had shared his commitment to music with his manager.  She was supportive from the get-go.  Within a month, she gave him feedback that he was clearly more productive and engaged at work, a win-win!

True results

“I was going through a difficult period at work. At that time, I was feeling strong negative emotions towards the company. I felt like a powerless victim, not in control of my destiny, and disconnected from my purpose. I rediscovered a sense of purpose, and, with encouragement from Bobby, made small shifts in my daily priorities that helped to free up more time to focus on my passion, music.

At the end, I was a changed man. I was happier, inside and outside of the workplace, I felt motivated and more confident, and I also felt gratitude towards the company for employing this initiative.”



The Quest is a self-guided program sponsored by your employer for individual employees, teams and people managers.

It's great for project teams as they are forming, to get clear about individual and collective purpose before co-creating great things.  It's also ideal for project teams that have hit a road-block and can serve to increase authentic collaboration.


While The Quest can be self-paced, it's ideal to take it as a team to help increase team collaboration.  Here's how it works:

  1. Each step of The Quest includes engaging short videos
  2. You get to complete simple activities done individually
  3. At the end of each step, we suggest ways involve & share with others

No one gets to see your outputs from the program, unless you choose to share them.


Here is what you will uncover about yourself on Your Quest journey:

Part 1: Preparing for Your Quest  Learn what to expect in more detail, and commitment to doing what it takes to get what you want for yourself and for your role at the company you work at.  You will choose Your Ally to journey with you.

Part 2: Your Peak Events  We all have memories of pride from specific accomplishments in our life.  You will get a chance to recall your peak events and find patterns in those stories that make you unique.

Part 3: Your Blockers We also all have had those moments of defeat, of not quite getting what we want.   You will have an opportunity to revisit those down times and extract the lessons learned on how to forge through your blockers.

Part 4: Your Future Self  Now you get to dream.  What are those aspirations and ideal situations you have postponed.  You'll have a chance to look at ways you can achieve those things sooner, and likely right where you are.

Part 5: Your Purpose  You will now create a purpose statement, your unique expression of what only You can bring to humanity.  Your Ally will support your meeting your highest good by living your purpose.

Part 6: Your Integration  With clarity of your purpose and your unique genius, you will now check it against your current work situation.  The outcome is a map of your personal purpose and values, with that of your workplace.

Part 7: Taking It Forward  No quest is complete without a celebration.  You will get to savor what you have created with Your Ally and others.  You will also create commitments for how you can leverage your purpose at work.

You will not be alone on Your Quest.

In addition to Your Ally, and possibly your team creating a circle, you will be invited to join a private purpose@work online community.  Use the community to share your wins, ask for support on living your purpose@work more fully and celebrate others.

Bobby Bakshi,  Chief Culture Officer

Bobby Bakshi

Chief Culture Ambassador

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P.S. Ask me about the starfish story when we connect.

Your quest guide

Greetings!  I am Bobby Bakshi and your guide on Your Quest, if you choose to embark on this journey.

I have made a vocation of helping people thrive at the work they do by being more alive and engaged.

My promise to all participants is to: meet you where you are, inspire you and challenge you to thrive.

I'd be honored to serve and support your growth.