Three Core Ways to Drive Greater Impact

People managers are the bridge between senior executives and their team.  Most managers are stretched thin and can not make time for multi-day (or even a few hours) of training.  That's why I place a heavy focus on bite-size learning.

Benefits of Great Leaders

  • Greater retention

  • Clarity of goals

  • More mastery

  • Greater trust

  • Cultural Ambassadors

Tools & Assessments

Team dynamics can propel efforts to success or sink to failure.  Leaders need to inspire their people to see how their contribution makes 1 + 1 = 3.  Understanding individual desires and strengths upfront can make for a much smoother journey together.

Benefits of Healthy Team Dynamics

  • Greater collaboration

  • Better alignment of goals

  • Conflict resolution

  • More energized people

  • Greater productivity

Tools & Assessments

Each employee brings either positive or negative energy.  Gallup says only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and disengagement costs the U.S. between $450-550 billion per year.  Measure and act upon the critical drivers of engagement.

Benefits of Higher Engagement

  • Greater employee contribution

  • Higher retention

  • Happier customers

  • Attract great talent

  • Increased profits


  • Survey Monkey
  • Mentor Rings
  • Coaching

Special Offerings

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Samples of Bite-Size Learning Videos

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