Three Core Ways to Drive Greater Impact

People managers are the bridge between senior executives and their team.  Most managers are stretched thin and can not make time for multi-day (or even a few hours) of training.  That's why leaders hire me as a coach to guide people to their best self.

Benefits of Great Leaders

  • Greater retention

  • Clarity of goals

  • More mastery

  • Greater trust

  • Cultural Ambassadors

Tools & Assessments

Team dynamics can propel efforts to success or sink to failure.  Leaders need to inspire their people to see how their contribution makes 1 + 1 = 3.  Understanding individual desires and strengths upfront can make for a much smoother journey together.

Benefits of Healthy Team Dynamics

  • Greater collaboration

  • Better alignment of goals

  • Conflict resolution

  • More energized people

  • Greater productivity

Tools & Assessments

Each employee brings either positive or negative energy.  Gallup says only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and disengagement costs the U.S. between $450-550 billion per year.  Measure and act upon the critical drivers of engagement.

Benefits of Higher Engagement

  • Greater employee contribution

  • Higher retention

  • Happier customers

  • Attract great talent

  • Increased profits


  • Survey Monkey
  • Mentor Rings
  • Coaching

Special Offerings

Very popular services.


The science of motivation shows that intrinsic motivation gets the best results over extrinsic motivation.  But most managers struggle to bring out the best in their people.

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Why offer it to employees?

  1. Greater employee engagement
  2. More purpose-driven employees
  3. Higher productivity



Samples of Bite-Size Learning Videos

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