Find Greater Employee Engagement By Embracing The "Impossible"

Recently, my nine year old daughter brought this play on the word "impossible" to my attention: I'm possible.  Wow!  Perhaps you've heard this before, but it was a first for me.  Here are three tips to reframe those things we believe are impossible at work and increasing employee engagement:

  • Conceive | Believe | Achieve: Recognize that creation hinges of this principle proposed by Napoleon Hill.  Conceiving is fairly easy, but what you really achieve is what you believe.  You can't expect different results, by using the same thinking or tactics.
  • High Self-Confidence: When we use the words "I am" before any statement we make, it's a Star Trek like "make it so" statement.  Be careful what you label yourself.  Have a positive intent for your own highest good and that of those you deal with.  Be confident that everyone can thrive.
  • Remember: Think of the many times you've accomplished things you thought were impossible, until you achieved them.  You don't have to be that athlete that broke a record for the first time, and then many were able to break it again after that.  You certainly have experienced this yourself.

The Tesla was not invented by people who believed in the word impossible and neither were most of our greatest inventions.  Most of us can't stretch that far to such game changing examples but we can remember our own experience of turning the impossible to the possible, when we remember I'm possible.

This is the premise of my book "The 101% You" in which I offer a metaphor based on my doing a ropes course exercise: climbing a 50 foot pole, standing on a pizza-sized disc, turning 45 degrees and leaping to catch a trapeze bar.  Learn more about the book here.

Igniting a culture of believing and practicing this concept, of turning the impossible into the possible, with confidence in the "I'm possible," can go a long way in increasing employee engagement and empowerment in the workplace.

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