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purpose@work: Conversations That Matter (Episode 1)

I am excited to introduce this new video blog (vlog) series: purpose@work.  SIGN-UP for my infrequent newsletter to get the latest Conversations That Matter.  The one thing I am focused on with this series, and all my services, is how to increase employee engagement from this very sad 15% globally (according to Gallup).  There is a lot of research that proves, purpose-driven leadership is a key element in having more inspired employees (even higher than engagement).  ASK ME for my white paper: The Playbook for Purpose-Driven Employee Engagement where I've curated the latest research on the current and future state of engagement.

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Your Brand's Hero's Journey

These are the worst of times and the best of times. The question is are individuals, organizations and media willing to shed light on what’s truly not working. Thank you Dunlavey for this fun visual that is one take on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.

First a primer on the Hero’s Journey: it is the foundation of every single classic story/film from Star Wars, The Matrix, and Harry Potter. They all follow these 3 core steps: Separation, Initiation and Return. This process is true for individuals–be it your career, your relationships, or aspirations in life. It plays out with brands just as powerfully from the launch and rebirth of a product–it’s all the same stuff.

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